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Owner's Rep Services

VDW services has found that some of its clients just need someone they can trust to represent their interests.  Whether it is a major construction project, a home renovation, or closing out an estate, VDW services can help.  Your time is very valuable to you, why waste it arguing with contractors, coordinating services, or worrying about the things you care about.  Let us stand in for you and stand up for you.  We will work hard to help you get the result you want.  Contact us at 434-466-3968 and we will come listen to your needs and provide you a quote for services.


Our staff has served as an owner's rep for everything from a $70M hospital expansion to a $7,000 home renovation.  As an owner's rep, we will help you find a trustworthy designer and contractor, we will help you negotiate contracts, and we will manage the project to ensure your best interests are keep at the forefront.

Asset Supervision

Our staff has supervised over $2M in personal assets that have averaged a 9% annual return over the last 10 years*.  We work with our clients to select a certified, nationally recognized, wealth management company, help them create accounts with that company, help them select an investment plan offered by that company, keep an eye on the accounts to make sure they are being properly managed, and act as the owner's rep for issues that arise. Our service rates are not based on amount invested, percent earned, or number of trades so we will never pressure you to invest more, change your investments or make poor decisions.  We will never ask you for the ability to move your money outside of your accounts.


*Past performance is never a guarantee of future results.

Other Services

Through our years in Central Virginia, we have built a strong network of contractors and service providers whom we would trust to perform services for our own projects.  We would be interested in helping connect you with these providers and in acting as your representative in your dealings with them.  Anything from home watch, to concierge, to animal boarding, to tutoring and clearing out a deceased loved one's home, we can help.