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Project Management Services

VDW Services engineers are all licensed Professional Engineers and have over 20 years of combined experience in facilities management, construction management, dam inspection, and water design.  If you find that you need one of the below services below, please contact us as 434-466-3968.  We will meet with you, listen to your needs, and provide you a free quote for our services.


Project Mangement Services - We provide as much or as little services as you need to ensure your project is a success.  We can do everything from document review, construction permit submission, storm water and erosion control submission, submittal review, site observation/documention, schedule management, change order review and close out management just to name a few.

Construction Transition Services - Transitioning from construction to facilities management is one of the places that many projects fail, causing years of added expenses to the owner as they fight through partial and incorrect information to manage their buildings.  The president of VDW Services, has been on both sides of this, managing multi-million dollar construction projects and managing the day to day facilities management of a multi-million dollar facility.  One of the great advancements that has come along is the use of Building Information Management (BIM) to integrating these two phases together.  Unfortunately, the shortcoming in BIM is that many owners are unaware of what they need to tell their designer and contractor in order to make this transition a smooth one.  They often get too much, unmanageable, useless information because they did not ask the right questions or provide the right information to their project team.  Members of our staff have experience leading major projects where they had to determine what facilities management parameters needed to be included in the BIM, worked with the designers and contractors to build BIM execution plans, and provided the designers and contractors with the information that the owner needed to make the BIM usefull.  That information was then used to build a BIM parameters database, and create a BIM execution plan that allowed all members of the project team to use the 3D model for their efforts, all while capturing the management information needed by the owner. They have also worked to create a unique identifier that allowed the data in the BIM to be quickly exported into the owner's asset management software and created a tagging system that allowed the owner's maintenance personnel to use a smart device to instantly pull up all the information and manuals on each piece of equipment all while standing at that piece of equipment and all of this from day one of occupancy.  We would appreciate the opportunity to do the same for your organization.


Dam Inspection - Do you have a dam that requires inspection?  VDW Services personnel have years of experience inspecting dams per the Commonwealth of Virginia dam regulations. 


Storm Water/ Waste Water/ Potable Water Design - Do you need a solution to a run off, waste water, or drinking water issue.  VDW Services personnel have years of experience designing these systems and getting them approved by local and Commonwealth of Virginia agencies.  Our staff has experience working with private and public institutions to find custom solutions to these problems.