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Aircraft Services

VDW's staff have years of experience managing aircraft.  They have helped form aircraft ownership LLC's, has managed maintenance and billing, and has worked with the FAA to find ways to provide solutions for owners while ensuring all rules are strictly followed.  VDW services is your one stop shop for handling all of your aircraft needs. If you find yourself needing to do one of the below, give us a call at 434-973-0785 and we will come meet with you, listen to your needs and provide a free quote for our services.


Determine If A Private Aircraft Would Help Your Company - We have worked with several companies that were finding that they were wasting tens of thousands of dollars each year of employees time as they stood in line at ticket counters and security or stared at walls through lay overs and airline delays.  Morale would suffer as employees would often have to leave home early, get home late, or spend a night in a hotel because they were on an airlines schedule.  A private aircraft in most cases can take you non-stop from point A to point B, on your schedule, and land at thousands of airports not served by the airlines.  We can meet with you, listen to your company's needs, enter them into our proprietary program, and determine the best solution.  If the best solution is aircraft ownership, we can provide you with all of the aircraft management needs.  For one recent company, we determined that they could save over $100,000 a year versus the airlines and depreciate $190,000 of aircraft value of 5 years.


Chose and Obtain An Aircraft - If you are looking for an aircraft, we will meet with you and enter your needs into our proprietary program to determine what aircraft best meets your needs.  We can then help you set up a corporate entity to own the aircraft, we can coordinate with a aircraft brokerage service to find and make the purchase, and we can help you with aircraft registration and tax payment.  If you don't have your pilot's license, we can even help you find a trustworthy company that provides pilots.  If you are interested in becoming a pilot, we can help you find trustworthy flight instructor who best matches your learning style. 


Manage An Aircraft - If you have recently purchased an aircraft or are no longer able to spend time maintaining one you have had for years, VDW Services can take on all of those responsibilities for you.  We know your time is valuable to you and we can use our experience and corporate connections to reduce the cost of owning an aircraft.  We will coordinate everything from billing, to maintenance, to cleaning, to flight preparation, and hangering.  Leave the management to us and free up time to focus on your business and family.


Find An Aircraft Partner(s) - If you are finding that you are not flying as many hours as you need to in order to spread out your aircraft costs, we can use our extensive network of pilots and aircraft personnel to find you a partner with whom to own the aircraft  either for personal or business use.  VDW Services will meet with you, listen to your aircraft use needs and personal preferences in aircraft partner(s), and help you find someone with complementary needs.  We can even help you work with an aviation lawyer to set up a joint ownership registration or aircraft ownership coorporation.