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Welcome to VDW Services

We are a group of construction professionals who believe in the idea of freeing up construction, design, and technology companies and the clients of these industries to focus on their core business.  By being your expert in construction project management, facility construction integration, and critical employee transportation, we allow you to excel at what you do best.  To focus our efforts, VDW Services is divided into those three division; Aviation Services, Construction Project Management, and Owner's Rep Services.  Read the descriptions below, click on one of these divisions above, or contact us at 434-466-3968 or by clicking here to find out what VDW Services can do for your company. We are a small veteran owned business and a SWAM registered firm in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and see how we can best serve your needs.

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Construction Project Management

To get what you want out of your projects or your facilities, you have to be involved.  However, you can't afford the time away from your core business.  Let VDW Services act as your representative on the project, ensuring that not only is the end product what your business needs today, but is also maintainable into the future.  We'll even take your old existing drawings and convert them to CAD or REVIT for you.  Our staff members have over 20 plus years of experience managing large facilities, managing multi-million dollar construction projects, conducting dam inspections, and designing storm water and potable water solutions.  Click below for more information on how VDW Services might be be right for your project.

Project Management


Aviation Transportation

Are your specialized technicians, designers, or key company personnel wasting valuable time slogging through ticket and security lines only to suffer long delays at layovers, or spending long hours driving to destinations?  Are the airlines just not flexible enough to allow you to quickly serve your clients?  Aviation can revolutionized your ability to serve your clients, but its execution must be matched to your specific business model.  VDW Services can help you select the best aircraft for what you do, help you either find a company leasing this type of aircraft or help you purchase it, and then help you fly and manage it.   We can make this whole process very low risk and low impact on your day to day operations while greatly improving your customer services and reducing your costs.  Click below for more information on how VDW Services might be able to find an aircraft solution for you.


Aviation Services

Owner's Rep Services

Your time and your assets are very valuable to you.  You need someone you can trust.  Click below to find out more about what services we offer.


Owner's Rep Services